Why inno Centrum ?

inno Centrum , a comprehensive and secure innovation management software, helps you manage innovation and improvement suggestions and ideas of your staff and all your external stakeholders on a single online platform.

With inno Centrum , you don't only have a "new generation" suggestion management platform but you have a platform to run open innovation and intrapreneurship competitions for all or a segment of your stakeholders as well. inno Centrum allows users to enter comments and vote for the suggestions and ideas in order to bring out the crowd wisdom.


Quality of your products, services and processes improves


Revenues grow, costs shrink


New products, services and processes are created to ensure long term value


You get a competitive edge


Internal and external stakeholder satisfaction improves


Stakeholders' loyalty increases

Who should use inno Centrum ?

Firms and institutions who have more than 50 employees and/or who want to engage their external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, distributors, etc. in their innovation ecosystem can use inno Centrum Enterpise in order to practically, systematically and interactively collect and manage suggestions, ideas and projects from all these stakeholders.


Public Institutions





Main Modules


inno Centrum Innovate

Innovation suggestions from staff and external stakeholders can be manageed on a single platform. Focused innovation campaigns can be run to guide staff on a priority need or a problem.

inno Centrum Improve

Improvement suggestions from staff can be collected, evaluated, discussed and rewarded online.

inno Centrum Challenge

Startup, idea and project competitions can be run for staff and/or all or a segment of stakeholders.

inno Centrum Project

Projects generated from stakeholders' suggestions and ideas can be defined and tracked.

Incentive and Reward Management

The effort and reward points and prizes Stakeholders earned for their innovative contributions can be tracked.

User Management

Personnel information can be extracted through LDAP and registration and approval processes of external stakeholders can be managed easily.

Flexible and Interactive Evaluation

Benefit Analysis

Forecasted and actual benefit of the suggestions can be recorded and tracked for the quantitative evaluation of the suggestions via the Benefit Analysis Form.

Mentor Evaluation

Each suggestion is assigned to a Mentor and Mentor can evaluate the suggestion based on a cirteria set via the Pre-evaluation Form.

Stakeholder Comments

Users can comment on the ideas and suggestions to help improve ideas and suggestions with the wisdom of the crowd.

Stakeholder Voting

Stakeholders' support for ideas and suggestions can be easily measured through crowd voting.

Jury Evaluation

Competition jury can easily evaluate the ideas based on the pre-specified criteria set.

Committee Evaluation

The "Innovation Board", composed of department representatives, can easily make the final evaluation of pre-evaluated suggestions.


Mobile Friendly

inno Centrum website is optimized for mobile devices. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Easy and Quick Set up

Your own portal can be setup in a few hours.

Attachment Upload

Users can upload files such as Word,Excel, pdf or photo during idea and suggestion submission.


Users are notified by e-mail about their contributions or tasks assigned to them.


Innovation Points

Users collect Innovation Points for their contributions such as sending suggestions and ideas, commenting and voting.

Leader Boards

Leader boards for different categories such as Suggestion Leaders, Comment Leaders are displayed on the portal.

Support Functions

User Management

Admin can add, remove users and approve/reject user applications.

User Profiles

Users can update their profiles.

Reward Management

Rewards can be specified and managed easily for competitions and suggestions.

Reports and Statistics

Different reports and statistics can be generated for user contributions, performance and archiving purposes.


It can be easily integrated with your existing systems and technology infrastructure (Active Directory, ERP, etc.).

Cyber Security

inno Centrum has passed HAVELSAN's very rigorous and comprehensive cyber security tests.


It can be installed into your servers (on premises) or you can use our cloud (Amazon) servers (SaaS).

Request A Demo

If you have more than 50 users (staff, members, suppliers, distributors, etc.) whose ideas you care about and you want to interactively and systematically manage their ideas and suggestions online, instead of using paper forms, emails and Excel, please submit the form to book a demo.



1st to 250th User

$ 1.50

/ User and Month

251st to 500th User

$ 1.25

/ User and Month

501st to 1000th Users

$ 1.00

/ User and Month

More than 1000 Users

For more than 1000 users, contact us for pricing info.


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